Product Introduction

FUJI Escalators have been developed with safety and performance in mind. Its aesthetic features such as attractive balustrade designs and slim line handrail profile exudes grace and elegance while its sturdy construction provides strength and reliability. The FUJI escalator is an efficient people moving system that offers high performance reliability. The microprocessor controlled helical geared drive system incorporates the latest available technology for maximum efficiency and low power consumption. In added flexibility is that FUJI escalators are easy to install and require minimal building space. To cater to the every need of the customer, we have a wide range of models which includes;
FEC Type Commercial Escalators
FES Type Slim Line Escalators
FEM Type Large Height Escalators
FEH Type Heavy Duty Escalators

Brief Description of Main Equipment

FUJI escalators have been designed to serve people of all ages and abilities. It is with in mind that numerous safety features and sturdy equipment have been inherently incorporated into the FUJI escalators. In fact, research has shown that escalators are generally safer that stairs and the FUJI escalator epitomizes the every essence of this fact. A brief description of the safety features and main equipment of the FUJI escalator are as follow;

Drive Unit

The drive unit is a high quality helical geared motor that has been specially designed for the FUJI escalators. Its efficient, smooth and quite operation out-classes the traditional transmission drives


The truss is fabricated from rectangular steel tubes which provide added strength when compared to steel angles. The stronger construction is an essential enhancement in terms of safety and also results in lower risk of deformation through continued usage.