Machine Roomless Elevator

Product Introduction

Machine Room less elevator adopted the world newly driving technique that proof to be environmental protection green elevator, which leads the elevator developing trends. High efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor is astoundingly economical, using only half of the power needed by comparable conventional type of traction machine, saving thousands of kilowatt hours annually. Besides its meager power consumption, the permanent magnet gearless traction machine uses no oil, removing the potential risk of fire, soil contamination and cost of maintenance.

The gearless traction machine which is driven by synchronous motor directly is just a low speed motive part the ensured the elevator running reliably long time. The system reduces vibration and elimination the noise completely from high speed running gears and motor. Self generating type energy loss brake effectively prevents the elevator car from sliding and stopping accuracy means safety and ease of use.

The weight and size of this permanent magnet gearless traction machine is almost half of the conventional type traction machine reduced the space required for machine room. Compact size minimizes elevator which not only saves cost of the building but also provides more freedom space for the architect or designer.